Cory & April // Manti, Utah

Here is to 2013 and onto an even better year! Cory and April were the last wedding I captured this year. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be their photographer. I feel as I have meet some great people on the day of their wedding. 

First off Cory & April seriously kill me with their kindness and sweetness! I know their love will be so enriched because of that amazing quality. What I even love more about these two, is that they radiate the light of Christ more than any one I have ever photographed. Their demeanor and attitudes are very Christ like. They were obviously raised by amazing parents who really centered their homes around the gospel of Jesus Christ.  These two, if they keep this up, they will have an eternal marriage full of happiness, joy and service.

Second, both Cory and April's parents were SOOOOO NICE to me and complimentary! Thank you for making me feel like a MILLION bucks!

I was able to photograph a bridal session for April. She is a doll! Fill free to head over there, promise it will be worth it! 

Anyway, it was SUCH a pleasure to meet these two, I want to be better because of them. Thank you so much April for calling me and asking me to be your photographer, it was truly an honor! May God bless your marriage!

Kristina BillsComment