Haymond Family // Utah Maternity Photographer

This family is absolutely adorable and I love their little girl Olivia! She is so cute with her dad and her mom, it's adorable. In fact it got to the point, when Andrew (her dad) was interacting with her she started making the funniest faces! I was crying because it was soooooo funny! I am still laughing about it, that's how cute she was and is. 

Kimmie & Olivia's flower crown was made by Sheer Rose Design, they are the BEST! You HAVE to check them out!!

The Haymond's actually go to the same church as me! How fun is that! Kimmie and I work together in one of our assignments and I have seriously learned so much from her, including how to be a better wife. I remember her telling me that when Andrew got home, she made sure she would greet him with a kiss and Olivia in turn would be ecstatic for her dad to come home. It taught me the importance of letting my husband know how much I love him and how happy I am about him coming home, because that is my favorite part of the day! There are several other things, but Kimmie and Andrew truly love each other and it reflects just in their actions! They such an example to me!

Thank you Andrew and Kimmie for letting me take your pictures and for being such an amazing example to me!