What Clients will be getting

I am so excited about this new announcement for Kristina Bills Photography. Over the last few months I have really started investing more in my company and really just kicking it up a notch! I am happy to announce these totally RAD USB drives I will be giving to all those who book with me! Yup that's right, its your own Kristina Bills Photography souvenir. ;) 


Over the past month I have been really going back and forth between CD's, USB's, online galleries and every option you can practically thing of. I have decided to go with USB's because I believe CD's are going out. I mean for example my imac doesn't have a CD drive, it's too thin for it. Thankfully I bought an adapter. BUT I do not want my clients to feel obligated to purchase one, just for my images! Where as every computer has a USB drive.

I am excited for the opportunity to give my clients something tangible after they book with me, seriously I AM SO EXCITED!!! I just want people to book with me so I can give them these USB's.

I choose to go with a company called Flashbay. Let me tell you they were AWESOME to work with. I was very specific, but they totally had everything handled. 

What I love about these specific USB's is that they hold my brand. I have my logo on both sides, for all to see. Plus they are yellow and grey, which happen to be my company colors, win win WIN!!! I am so thrilled with these!

OH AND ONE MORE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I also will be incorporating an online gallery for my clients to show! It will be a 30 day online gallery with the option to pay for an extended use of the gallery! AH! So excited and I JUST can't hide it.

Please let me know if you have any questions, I am so happy to help!

Smile Often!

Kristina Bills