My Photography Style and Philosophy Cont.

I want your memories to be captured and this is the essence of why I specialize in family photography. Let me give you a little background behind this. I am a twin, which is probably the coolest thing ever! Back in 2012, my sister passed away in an automobile accident. You see, when someone you love leaves you, you instantly turn to pictures to remember them because you don’t want to forget them. It’s really a scary thought. The last pictures I have with our entire family are very outdated and they aren’t even professional portraits, and yet I cherish them. You can see the picture below. It breaks my heart not to have family portraits that are more current and professional. It’s not anyone’s fault that we didn’t have professional photos done of our family: it’s not like we thought anything would happen. But unfortunately, something did. I feel like we lost a memory because it was never captured. Because of that, photography is so important to me; and it’s even more important to me that your memories are captured, so they’re never forgotten.

On a lighter note, I'd love to tell you more about myself:

1. I am a wife to my best friend and a mother to the cutest little boy and girl.

2. I love cuddling and eating ice cream

3. I’m a marathon runner

4. I believe in smiling and laughing often

5. I still sing through my hairbrush

6. I believe the broom makes the best dance partner

7. I am a follower of Christ