Utah Family and Wedding Photographer

Hi I am Kristina Bills and I LOVE photography! Here are some fun facts about this photographer!

1. I am a total hopeless romantic! That is why I LOVE photographing couples, my favorite!

2. I am a wife and VERY happily married to the man of my dreams.

3. I still believe freckles are Angel kisses, and my freckles come from my angel sister who is in Heaven.

4. I love cuddling and eating ice cream

5. I am a follower of Christ

6.  I believe in smiling and laughing often

7. I still sing through my hairbrush

8. I believe the broom makes the best dance partner

9. I am just a foodie, but am also a health nut!

10. My family means everything to me, and my husband is at the TOP of that list.

This is me! Please stick around and check out my photography! It has brought me much joy and happiness!