The Pearson Family // Provo, Utah

The Pearson's were just a great family to photograph! Let me tell you Katrina's style is one that I wish I had! Seriously, great clothes, she is BEAUTIFUL and she has a great personality to go with it! Tanner is so lucky to have such a genuine person. 

Katrina and I actually go to the same church together and we work with the young women of our ward (congregation). They run from ages 12-18. Such an age where girls are trying to figure out who they are. Katrina is the best person for the job! I am so blessed to be able to work with her and learn from her amazing testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. Tanner takes care of the sunday's school for our congregation. He sometimes teaches or he asks other to teach the lessons. Basically these two love the Lord and want to do all that they can to please Him. 

Amelie is SOOOOO cute! Just look at the third picture down! HAHAHA When I saw that I thought girl you couldn't have had better timing to itch your eyes! Seriously so adorable! And don't forget her BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! Seriously you just fall in love with her just from those eyes! 

Well enough of my on and on writing, take a look enjoy this cute little family!