Baby S // Provo, Utah

There is just something about a new baby, I am not sure what it is. This newborn came earlier than expected which threw off a few things, including me taking pictures! I just so happen to get sick the day she was born, OF COURSE! We had to wait a week before I was no longer sick. How terrible would that be if I got her sick! Glad I was able to get better and take these!

This little girl is just precious! She was so good! The only time she cried was because she wasn't wearing clothes and especially if she was wearing her tutu. Thankful she lasted long enough in it to take these. She is such a trooper and just a cutie!!!! I can not tell you enough how cute she is! My favorite part about her his her cute little chin! Just look at it!! adorable! 

Thank you Heidi for asking me to take these picture for you! She is a gift from heaven! Enjoy your little girl!

Kristina Bills1 Comment