The Nicholes Family

Where to begin with this wonderful family session! I grew up with all these lovely children surrounding Dad and Mom Nicholes, which are now grandparents! I have learned so much from all their children and I am really thankful for the example they were for me. 

Jamie and Mandy are just a little older than me and let me tell you, this photographer looked up to both through my growing up years, especially during the Jr. and Hs. years! They always treated others so well and were genuinely interested in others.  I always wanted to be as cool as those two! They still are wonderful examples to me! Jamie is a wonderful and patient mother who loves her children dearly and her husband, who is equally patient. Mandy is graduated and is currently helping her husband through school, something I can currently relate to. I can tell she is happy where she is at and very proud of her husband. Thankful for their examples!

Sean, their youngest is close to graduating from Brigham Young University in exercise science. He will further his education there after. I remember growing up Sean was seriously always so friendly to me! In our church we attend this thing called the "Pioneer Trek." There we dress up as the pioneers and trekked for a week as they had. We were in fake families and I was one of Sean's "sisters". That was seriously so much fun! For year we use to call each other brother and sister because of that memorable moment. Thankful that we became better friends because of that. 

I don't remember TJ very much, only that he was the cool kid and I felt like EVERY older girl liked him, OH and I remember him always making people laugh. Sorry I can't remember more about you TJ, but I know that you are a great father to your cute little boy and future baby! Congrats to you and your wife!

Growing up I called their parents brother and sister Nicholes, a name I will always respectfully call them. Thankful for their faith in our Savior! They centered their family around our Savior and his gospel. I hope that I can teach my children as well as they have taught and continue to teach their children and now grandchildren. I will forever be grateful for this family! 

Thank you Nicholes Family for asking me to take these for you family!! It was so great to see everyone and see where everyone is at after all these years!