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Where do I start with this blog post. Jamie and I grew up together and she has been a great friend since we were young. She was like my one friend, besides my sister growing up. I was always thankful for her. She was cooler than me in school, but she still was my friend! Those are the good kinds of friends! 

The Hoffman's had their second baby last month and I had the opportunity to capture some pictures of the family, in their home. This little girl, Scout, was actually born on my birthday! That means we will forever have the same birthday! Isn't that super neat? Not only that but their oldest daughter was born on my wedding day, almost 2 years ago! I always have to bring that up whenever I talk about them. It's funny because what I say reminds me of my grandma. She always says "Oh I remember when I took you into the nursery when you were first born". I am pretty sure she mentions that to me every time I see her. I always thought that was SUPER weird, but now I understand why. She was proud of that fact, just as I am so proud that these two little girls were born on days that mean a lot to me. 

I can not think of better parents than Jamie and Matt! They made an awesome team and you can tell that their girls mean everything to them! I just love how much fun this family have together! It's like a party all the time. 

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