Brett & Kate

Where oh where do I even start. Brett & Kate, you guys are ADORABLE and so very in love with on another. You two were the perfect models for this shoot that was put on by Erin. 

HMUA: Lisa Frehner

As a photographer it is important to always educate yourself on the current trend, styles and really, learn anything new you can! As part of that, many photographers teach other photographers. Since I believe in education and always bettering myself, I decided to do a mentorship with Erin Summerill!

I stubbled across Erin's work about a year ago and INSTANTLY fell in love with her style. It was but a dream to think I could ever work with her or met her. Often times when I look back it was like when I was in high school and I got giddy every time the cute boy talk to me. Whenever Erin would comment or like my work, I would feel that way. And let's be real, I still feel lucky if she likes my work! ha!

Anyway, through both being active in the photography world, our paths soon crossed and I found myself learning from her and being her friend. Thank you Erin for taking the time to put this together and helping me expand in my business. 

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