Ethan & Courtney

I am currently trying to catch up on all my blog post that I've been needing to post SOOOO BAD! I mean how can I NOT post pictures of beautiful people who are totally in LOVE! I mean look at these two!!! Aren't they so in love?!?!?! Don't believe me? Just look at their pictures. 

Courtney and I actually grew up together, back in Washington, how cool is that? WAY cool! Courtney is so adorable and oh so very kind, pretty much like the rest of her family. I've never met a more perfect family, and i've always look up to their family a LOT during my growing up years. Courtney's dad was a bishop over a church I went to in Washington and he is still a leader in the church there. They are just a great family! And Ethan, I can not tell you enough how hilarious and Oh so in love he is with Courtney! You can tell that he absolutely adores her! Just look at the way he looks at her! Cute! It was a pleasure to meet you Ethan!