Trent & Kesley // SNEAK PEEK

I had a REALLY hard time choosing just a small few for the sneak peek this morning. These two are a perfect match! That's one of my favorite things about being a portrait wedding photographer is seeing many many perfect matches. Trent & Kesley are not short of that status at all. 

I love their compliment features and personalities. Kesley has beautiful brown eyes with blonde hair while Trent has bluish eyes and brown hair. I think that is beautiful together. Plus their personalities go oh so perfectly together!

We took these pictures up Alpine loop and then at Utah Lake. It's a perfect combination because there's a woodsy feel and a beachy feel! Love it and I love these images! I can't wait to get into editing more of these beauties!

OH and to add to the session, their outfits where PERFECT! Kesley really knows her stuff when it comes to fashion, I LOVE her outfits, A LOT!!

Well ENJOY! :D