Trent & Kesley

This engagement session is beautiful between the mountain and beach look. Kesley could not have picked two better locations, and I am so in love with these images! This is by far one of my favorite engagement sessions I have shot. Kesley is sweet, very kind, and very soft spoken. Trent is funny and truly cares for Kesley. They are a match made in heaven. Their love is truly evident in these images and their sense of style! I am totally in love with their outfits, they were perfect!!

Kesley and Trent met in 2010 when Kesley was in hair school. They instantly were infatuated with each other between Kelsey beauty and Trent's charm, it's easy to see this love connection. They truly have a beautiful connection together. 

Kesley said about Trent "I love most that Trent always keeps things exciting and he helps me enjoy life when I'm usually taking it way to seriously. And he does the same for our daughter . He really knows how to put a smile on our face and can turn a bad day into a good one very easy." She then goes on and says "There are so many things. I also love Trent's huge heart and the way he sacrifices things to help other people. And definitely his drive. He gets things done and he is eager to do it"

I didn't get to talk to Trent about why he loves her but I am sure he has a million reasons why he loves Kesley. She is wonderful!

I am looking forward to photographing their wedding in August. It will be beautiful and perfect! Thank you Trent & Kesley for having me photograph your special day! It will be beautiful!

For those who want to see more images, ask Kesley. I am sending her a USB stick today with a TON more images. You should take a look because they are gorgeous!