Asisi Family // Utah Family Photographer

Gah! This is by far in my top favorite family sessions this year. For a few weeks I have been feeling kind of a lull and not feel too hot about my skills. I hate to admit that I was feeling that way. I am really grateful for this session because it came at a time when I really needed it. Every thing about this session was perfect. From the location, lighting and don't get me started with the Family. Gah! They were so freaking perfect!!!!! I loved the outfit choices and the little girls were so cute and easy to work with. I was literally on loud 9 after this session, and I was so excited to edit them. In fact, I was so excited that I finished editing their session in a 24 hour period. WHAAAA yeah that doesn't happen too often. That's how happy and excited I was about this session. 

Now I will stop going on about how much I adore this family and their photos and allow you to enjoy them!