Brandon & Bridget // Sundance Bridal Photographer

I would recommend to ALL my bride and grooms to also get bridals taken either before or after their wedding. It’s totally an awesome investment in my opinion. Usually wedding days are completely crazy and there’s a million things to do at once. What’s so great about bridal sessions is there’s no stress and you get pictures that you most likely missed on the wedding day, because of the craziness of the day. Not only that but you get to pick another location, that looks different than the venue being married at, OH and who wouldn’t want to wear their wedding dress again!?!?! Especially Bridget’s wedding dress, I LOVE IT!! It is perfect on her as well. 

Brandon and Bridget wanted a fall bridal session so we waited 6 weeks after their wedding, as we could get those beautiful autumn colors. What I loved about doing the session at the beginning of the season  was the fact that the tree’s are currently in transition mode. That means not only will you get the oranges and yellows but also some greens! Their session had some great variety, and I LOVE that! And I love this couple, they are beautiful!

Thank you again Brandon and Bridget for asking me to be your photographer, it was so fun to get to know you and take your pictures! you are a beautiful couple. Oh and thanks for inspiring me on going on a cruise. Since we talked during your session all I could think about while editing your images was going on a cruise with Steven. I think Steven will be happy now that I am finished with your session. That way I won’t keep talking about the need to go on a cruise. We haven’t scheduled one, but I can see one coming in the future, for sure!