Chase & Jessie // Utah Maternity Photographer

This maternity session is seriously so breathtaking and perfect. Chase and Jessie make a gorgeous couple and Jessie is seriously stunning as a mom to be. What am I kidding, she is stunning ALL the time! Everything was perfect about this session from their outfits, location, the nursery and their love. Thank you so much Jessie for asking me to take these maternity pictures for you!! It was so much fun and full of beauty. 

Chase & Jessie are expecting a perfect little girl at the end of July. Jessie is due about a week and a half after me. It’s so fun to be in the same stage of life and to talk about the joys of pregnancy. When I see her post things on instagram and Facebook it gets me so excited that we both are expecting at the same time. Maybe our babies will be friends one day, that would be so cool. Since we are having a boy and they are having a girl we could even arrange some kind of marriage. ;) Or maybe we can leave that decision up for them to decide. I was telling Jessie during the session that it’s quick possible that she could have her baby before I do. Yes there is a 10 day difference, but if I went a little late and their baby came a little early, it’s totally possible. In fact, we could have our babies at the same time. Wouldn’t that be something. 

OK enough of me, take a look at these images! Seriously perfection between the two almost three of them!!