DoTERRA December // Utah Commercial Photographer

One of my favorite companies to photograph for is DoTERRA. I LOVE working with them for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest reason is the people I work with and their skills. I started working for DoTERRA a LONG time ago and I got the gig because of my best friend Emily. She was working in their marketing department at the time doing all the social media for DoTERRA. She hired me to take photos for their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Since then I’ve taken a lot of photos for them, mostly for DoTERRA Canada. Emily still works for DoTERRA but as a contracted employee. She mostly works from home now and goes into the office periodically. She has such a first for styling shots. That’s why I love doing these. Emily is able to utilize her design talents and I on the other hand get to truly use my photography skill. It’s such a joy to work with such an amazing company like DoTERRA!!!