Grose Family // Utah Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Say hello to triplet babies! Yes that's right, 3 babies, 1 momma with a bump. I think this session is one of my favorites this year. A lot of it doesn't have to do with my skills but rather this family and being able to capture this unique situation. What's even more unique is this was completely spontaneous. I feel the need to say that again, this was completely spontaneous! I can't image the surprise that hit them and maybe feeling overwhelmed. ;)  It was such a pleasure to photograph them, heck it was an honor! 

Mandi and Andrew have to be some of the most amazing people I have ever met. I met them when they were applying to med school and they lived in an apartment close by. We both were pregnant around the same time, which was so awesome! Now Andrew is in med school in Virginia. Because Andrew is in med school, they decided that Mandi would go back to Utah after the 1st trimester so she could deliver the babies there and then have some help from family once the babies came. Andrew wouldn't be able to help much because he is in med school, which is obviously intense. Talk about a great sacrifice on both ends. (Now you see why I say they are amazing?) When the triplets were born, Andrew traveled back for a few days but had to return back to school. Mandi has basically been doing this on her own. She is so amazing! Like super mom times 100. They both have been so positive over this whole thing. They truly are a power house and an amazing family! I hope to have their patiences one day. 

So please, enjoy this session!