Jenne Family // Utah Family Photographer

For those who know me, know that I love to run and I am currently training for a Marathon. Jenn is one of my running partners and she is running the marathon with me this Saturday. I started training with her around February of this year. For those who run know that when you run long distances with a partner, you tend to talk a lot, and get to know one another. I have gotten to know Jenn pretty well, and she is such a wonderful person and mother. She has inspired me in many ways and is a really good example to me. She also has motivated me and pushed me to run long distances and quicker. She really is such an amazing runner. I am very grateful for her friendship.

 When she had asked me to take some pictures for her family, I was SUPER excited. I love photographing friend’s families! There’s something special about that. Jenn did a fabulous job picking out everyone’s outfit. The whole ensemble was perfect, especially for this back drop. I am so excited for you to see and enjoy the images.