Jon & Kristi // Utah Wedding Photographer

This engagement session is seriously none like I have ever shot before! If you see my typical style it's a little different than this. Although some do have my style in it. Anyway, it was seriously so fun to be able to shoot these! Jon & Kristi are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple in August, in about three weeks! Talk about so crazy! Kristi is a sister of friend's that I have shot before, the peterson family. They are seriously an awesome family! I also LOVE to photograph them. I now love to photograph these two gorgeous individuals. They are perfect for one another! I mean take a look at the images, perfect for one another!! 

Brandon Peterson, Kristi's brother in law, is an awesome video guy. He is making an awesome video for them that will probably be the best and most epic engagement video. Brandon wanted to borrow some of my gear, so I went on the shoot with him and snapped some awesome pictures. The reason these aren't my typically style is because this location was picked by Brandon and it fits his style PERFECTLY! It was so fun to experiment and play around with a few things. Well I hope you enjoy!