Luis & Kristalyn // Bountiful Utah Wedding // PART 2

Now for part 2 of this gorgeous Bountiful Utah Wedding!! Make sure you take a look at part 1 and their bridal session! They are a stunning couple and so worth seeing ALL the blog post! But anyway their reception was at a family friends yard, named the Puffers. They actually live in Fruit Heights, which is a little north of Bountiful. Their yard is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect spot for a wedding reception and really for any party or gathering. They have a play set for kids but also a little nature/walking area in the back of their yard. I wish we had more time to take some pictures of the bride and groom in their yard. It is so gorgeous and I am so glad they choose this location!

Their cake was design and made by Jessica Robinson and she did such an AMAZING job! Not only did the cake look perfect but it tasked amazing, well so I heard from the guest at the wedding. I love the white cake with the flowers to add just a dash of color. I also love the various textures on each layer of the cake, it really added a nice element to the cake. I seriously loved it.

Luis & Kristalyn also had the Photo Booth Bus at their reception, which is such a fun idea to have at a wedding. Photo Booths are HUGE right now and this bus is seriously so awesome and retro. As you look through the images you will see a cute VW bus. There were TONS of props to choose from, and they were adorable. It was a nice touch for the guest and it added a fun element to the reception for everyone. 

Again, Kristalyn's gown is from Elizabeth Cooper Design. And I am totally loving it!

Something that was so sweet at their reception was when they cut the cake. Normally you have the bride and groom shoving cake all over each other. They fed one another nicely but gave each other a nice big smooch at the end. It was a perfect way to cut the cake. 

AND the coolest part of their wedding was the ice cream bar by Cold Stone! It looked delicious and it was a HUGE hit among the guest of the reception. They had tons of flavors and toppings for all to enjoy. Plus who doesn't love a waffle cone! Can't go wrong there. 

Their reception was beautiful and they did a wonderful job putting it all together! I can't even images what work was put into this!

Well enjoy the details of their reception!!