Salmon Family // Mom & me Family Photographer

Mom and me sessions are so fun for me and I think for mom too! I love them because it's all about the mom in these. Capturing her individual relationship with each child. Plus these are photos that you can't help but cherish as a mother. A mother's love is so deep and rich that it must be captured. It was fun capturing this family. Gavin, the little boy, is seriously so cute! He is such a good big brother to Capri and you can tell he just adores and loves his mommy! It truly is such a sweet thing. Capri was super cute! She sure loves Moana. In most of the photo's she's actually holding her moms phone listening to the soundtrack. You can't see the phone because it is well hidden. I mean isn't that cute. Plus the Moana soundtrack is pretty much the best music EVER! In fact, I am listening to it right now! So if I randomly break out in song, you'll know why. ;)

I'm a HUGE fan of white!!! I loved Courtney's outfit choices because they are all in white!! How cute is that. I think it works super well with the wall color in my studio. I just LOVE this session! I hope you enjoy them as well. <3