Shawn & Megan // Seattle Wedding Photographer

Oh Washington, how you are so good to me! A few weeks ago Shawn and Megan flew me out to the gorgeous Northwest in the beautiful state of Washington. While there the weather was seriously perfect. When you think of Washington normally you think rain and clouds and more rain. But this visit was seriously gorgeous the weather was in the mid 70's the entire time I was visiting. It only rained the last day I was there, which wasn't a big deal because I was just packing to leave anyway. I was certainly happy to experience nice weather because Utah was having some storms, so it was refreshing to take a little break from that. Of course now Utah is hot hot hot! And this pregnant girl is wearing dresses everyday because those are the coolest things to wear. 

Anyway, back to Shawn & Megan. I don't know what it is this year, but ALL of my brides have been some of the nicest people i've ever met and Megan is one of them. She is so sweet and caring and has one of those personalities that really wants other to feel comfortable and loved. It's a great attribute to have and will be such a blessing in their married. Shawn is equal nice and easy to get a long with. His love for Megan is strong. In fact their love for one another is beautiful. When Shawn and Megan first saw each other in their wedding attire, they both cried. It was such a touching moment. Then moments later he took her hand and kissed is so tenderly. It was seriously so cute and a tender moment between the two of them. 

Shawn & Megan met while attending the same church in Washington. They both are Pentecostal and are very strong in their faith and devotion. They both know that to have a successful married they need to place God at the center of that. I am truly to happy for them and happy that they have found one another.

Thank you Megan for asking me to be your wedding photographer, it was a blast and so fun to get to know you!