Taylor & Courtney // Anniversary Session

I am pretty much swooning over each one of these pictures. I typically like to put about 20 (or less images) of my favorite images from a session. I tried to narrow it down, I promise and I did as well as I could. These two just know how to work the camera and the fact that they've been married for over 2 years allows them to feel very comfortable around one another, which they both are! 

This fall session couldn't have been more perfect, and to add to it have you ever heard of Sheer Rose? If you haven't, you are missing out! They are a mother daughter team creating some of those most beautiful floral arrangements I've ever seen! They created this beautiful floral crown that Courtney is wearing. It seriously fit so perfectly with this session and Courtney's outfit!

Speaking of Courtney's outfit, isn't she SUPER stylish! Seriously she has such an amazing style and she did a great job also dressing her husband. Their outfits were just fabulous! And these two are even more fabulous. Taylor & Courtney are actually my neighbors, we share grass or rather our yards touch. It's like a 5 ft piece of grass (the corner of our yards touch). It's been so fun having them be our next door corner sharing neighbors. It's going to be fun having them close to us and even more fun that we are in the same stage of life. We've been married over two years, like them. We are new home owners and we are kidless. At least for now. Eventually we will have to move to that stage of life. OH and i've been in their home. Courtney has the cutest decor and I am SUPER jealous! We kind of lack in that area. But we're working on it. 

Anyway, enough of my blabber. Enjoy these images, because I sure have!