The Johnson Family // Utah Family Photographer

Have any of you been waiting for this cute little family post? I know I have been SOOO excited to share it! They are a darling family with amazing style! Alex & Rebecca have been married over 2 years now and they truly have a sweet story. Both served LDS missions and they’ve known each other for quite sometimes, before they got married. You can tell that they have a great love for one another. They have a sweet love also for their little girl Nhiya. Nhiya is such a bundle of joy and free spirited. It’s seriously adorable seeing her get distracted by the trees and flowers. She was such a joy to work with during this session! You can just see the love her parents have for her. It’s great and beautiful!

As I had mentioned before Rebecca is a photographer as well, and she is fabulous at it! She had taken our pictures last winter in our new home! Those are pictures we will treasure. Plus who doesn’t love getting pictures of themselves done? Maybe that’s just me. :D 

Anyway, thank you Johnson Family for letting me take these for you. You truly are a beautiful family!!