The Pace Family // Utah Family Photographer

Remember in my last blogpost I mentioned that it would be the first of many? Here’s another blogpost has arrived and this time it’s the Pace Family! The Pace family use to be in the same ward as me until our ward split. We live in an area that is growing so so very fast.

Anyway, they are a super great family and I adore them. They have 3 boys, as you will notice and they are the cutest. It’s families like this that make me think, I sure would love to have all boys. When I was showing these images to a friend she actually asked if these little boys were Thomas’ cousins because they are red heads. My husband, Steven is a red head, as is my little boy Thomas. It runs in the Bills Family. I love redheads and little boys. They are always full of so much energy that makes for great imagery! For example, there’s an image in this blog of the 3 boys laying in the grass pointing up at the tree’s. How adorable is that. I was so excited when they were doing that and I was able to capture it. Perfect time! Seriously makes me love my job!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this session as much as I have!