The Petersen Family // Alpine Utah Family Photographer

Another family have hit the blog and it's a family I absolutely adore! I've been photographing this family for some years now, in fact they were there at the very beginning. To be honest, I can't believe they still stuck with me because at the beginning I SUCKED! I mean I seriously so bad at photography. Back then I totally thought I was good, but I was blind. Sometimes I wonder if I in 4 more years I will think the same thing about my sessions now. I hope not because i've been LOVING all of my sessions recently. 

This session was held in the poppies in Alpine. Is anyone sick of poppy pictures yet? For me, I am not sure that possible. I love the poppies and this location is seriously to die for. I feel so blessed to have found it. I actually told like 50 photographers about this place and it's been so so busy! I am in shock that I was able to get these images people free for the most part. Peterson's were so fun to work with. One of my favorite things about taking family pictures is playing with kids and trying to get them to smile. I seriously had soooooo much fun with these kids! I am pretty sure parents get so annoyed with me with all my games I play with them. I think after they see the images it will be worth it to them to sit through my annoyance because they get smiling pictures, like the ones below. 

Again, I love this family. They are such great friends and I am SOOOO excited that they will be moving down the street from us soon. I can't think of better people to build a house near us, than the Peterson's. I am ecstatic that they will be in our ward. I have a feeling we will be friends for a long time. Our kids will have lots of fun on play dates and stuff. Even though Max is a good 9 months older than Thomas, as they get older I hope they will be friends. I mean after all they both will be in the same grade in school, live walking distance away AND they have parents that are friends. That to me is a recipe for friendship, or forceship. ;) Anyway, enjoy the images!!!