The Plumb Family // Utah Family Photographer

Family portraits in the snow are one of my favorite things! This family is full of style, love and kindness. I mean look at the pictures, it shows their cute family! It was seriously a blast photographing this family. We took these pictures up in the Mountains in Utah and there was snow! Because it was in the mountain’s it was really cold. We had an awesome trick that kept the kids happy pretty much the entire time. We took pictures for about 20 minutes and then ran to the van to get warm again. Then we would run back out, snap a few more images then run back. It was seriously an ingenious idea. Jesse and Cami were genius to think of that. I was very impressed by how well the kids handled the weather, they took the weather like champs, especially the boys. They were in heaven in the snow! It was so much fun for me to watch their family and take picture of them!! 

The Plumbs are actually our neighbors, well they live in our neighborhood and they also attend the same church as us. So i’ve seen them around quite a bit and I seriously love this family. One thing I love to do is people watch at church, well more like children watch. ha! We don’t have kids so I LOVE watching what kids are doing, especially if the talk being giving isn’t the most entertaining (that sounds bad, I promise I am not a terrible person). Anyway, the Plumbs are one family I REALLY like watching. It’s really convenient because they sit in front of us, but in a bench that is a little off the the left of us. So it’s prime seating to see the family. Let me tell your, Jesse and Cami are seriously fabulous parents! If a kid is acting out, which is rare, she seriously is smiling the entire time. I mean seriously, Cami is ALWAYS smiling and that is an awesome attribute to have! She is just a super happy person. You can tell she loves being a mom and that she is good at it! I mean she is really really good at it. I am sure she has her moments (i’ve never seen them), but she is seriously great. And Jesse is super awesome too! A great pair and a great family! So because I kind of enjoy watching their family, I was thrilled when Cami asked if I could take their family pictures!! Actually I was beyond thrilled. And since Cami is so stylish, I knew these images would be fabulous!!

I hope you enjoy these images and adore this family! They are SUPER cute!