The Robbins Family // Utah Lifestyle Photographer

Yet again ANOTHER cute lifestyle session! Winter is THE perfect time to get your lifestyle sessions in, especially if you have a cute house and family. The Robbins family have the most stunning house. I love love their kitchen so much. I mean seriously, I want their kitchen so bad. They have THE best decorating style. And their bedroom, don't get me started there. It's so well decorated and I want to take all the decorations off their walls and use them for my bedroom. I mean a hat wall?!?! Seriously that is so adorable and genius! That was my favorite part of their bedroom. I also love the idea that Chantell wanted to include some photos in their bathroom. They light in there was beautiful and it was so fun to see their kids. They just loved being in the bubble bath. It was darling. 

And guess what!?! I made another video and I am so thrilled with it. Take a look and let me know what you think. It was such a fun one for me to do. I love seeing the kids personalities in the video. There's something about video that you can't get with images. That's why I think paring the two together is such a perfect idea. You get the photos to print and post on social media but the video that truly shows what's going on. It's such a cool thing. My advice is you should probably book me for a session like this, you won't regret it.