The Wesley Family // Utah Family Photographer

This was a family fall session that I did last year, yes last year. That is how far behind I am with blogging. It really is a sad tale of my life. BUT I also think that's a good thing because it's evidence that I have been very busy photographing some of the most beautiful families. It really has been the BEST year of my photography career. It's been so great for many reasons, 1. I've taken some pictures of the most beautiful people/families. I'm not sure how I got so lucky on that end, but I feel blessed to have so many wonderful clients who've become friends!. and 2. I feel like i've really come to myself and what I desire for my editing style. This last year or so has really been amazing and I can't help but feel so blessed!! The Lord has been good to me. 

It was so great to be able to capture this family, i've captured a lot of their extended family. The entire Wesley family are great people and they have such great hearts! PLUS they're pretty stylish and that makes my job easy!