Vanchiere Family // Mommy & Me Session

I so love this mommy and me session! Caitlin has become one of my good friends in just a few months, like 4 months ha! Her and I serve in our church together, working with children. She is the President over the primary (children's classes) and that's saying a lot because we have WELL over 100 children to deal with each Sunday. I am over the music that is being taught and sung. It's actually a really fun responsibility and I LOVE it! It certainly has it's challenges, but children are always worth it. I think that's how it is when working with kids, challenging but so rewarding. The rewards makes it so worth it!! 

Anyway, back to Caitlin and her two cute kids. Haze, their little boy is seriously so mature and smart. Not only that but he is a great big brother. He loves his sister so much. It really is the sweetest thing. My guess is he is a good helper at home. Then Indi is also darling and is the same age my Thomas. I secretly hope that they will date one day. I mean they live like two streets down from us. It's bound to happen. Such a cute family and a great session!