Whatcott Family // SNEAK PEEK

I can't wait to show you these!!!! I've been so excited ALL WEEKEND!! I took the Whatcott's pictures on friday and let me tell you, this has to be one of my favorite family session i've taken. They have the MOST gorgeous family!!! I mean look at these girls hair, it's long and beautiful! I would kill to have any of these ladies hair. Not only are they a beautiful family, they are full of love for one another. This family has such an amazing connection with one another. Best friends and partners in crime. Although there's several children, I don't see favoritism being played or singling out individuals. They truly love one another.

You have to give that credit to their parents, who are some of the most AMAZING parent's I have ever met. I can say this because I actually know this family personally. Plus, I have to give credit to Jeff (the only boy in these photo's, his other brother is on an LDS mission). He had a lot to do with Steven and I meeting, which lead to Steven and I falling in love. Thanks Jeff for being such an awesome friend to Steven and I!! 

Anyway, I will certainly blabber on more about this family later. Just know, I adore them!

Enjoy the sneak peek!!

Kristina Bills6 Comments