Featured on LeMagnifique! // Chase & Jessie

Chase and Jessie seriously make a beautiful couple and they both are seriously awesome! :D And what better place to show off their love by being published on Le Magnifique! I can NOT express to you how happy this makes me!

Chase and Jessie met on accident actually. Jessie thought that Chase was someone else on facebook and sent him a friend request. They began messaging and Chase thought Jessie was pretty good looking. They met in person and they both felt like they had known each other for years! After several months of dating, Chase finally proposed in Disneyland! Seriously one of the cutest stories i've EVER heard! Chase had a professional cartoonist draw a picture of Jessie. Little did she know the guy was drawing a picture of Jessie and her prince charming. Her prince charming was proposing to her. Then Chase proposed! Such a cute idea for two cute people!

Jessie has become one of my good friends since we've done this shoot and let me tell you, not only is so absolutely GORGEOUS she is SO nice! Seriously! Thankful for her friendship and even more thankful we are neighbors! I have a feeling our children will be friend one day! :D 

NOW! back to publishing! This would be the first time I have ever been published! This would NEVEr happen if it were for Breanna from Breanna McKendrick Photography. She is a fabulous photographer and she is seriously so nice! Thankful that she was able to join me on this shoot! You really need to check out her work. Her and I worked together on this shoot! It was SUCH a blast! Thank you Breanna for being so awesome!