Luis & Kristalyn // Utah Engagement Photographer

Alright people, are you ready for an adorable couple! Brace yourself, you might find yourself loving their love and wanting more, at least I did! I had SOOOO much fun with Luis & Kristalyn last night. They are a fun couple who truly have a great love for each other. I mean just look at them.

Luis & Kristalyn actually met through a mutual friend (who was Luis's boss)  and instantly had a connection. One of my favorite things their story is their first day. Luis took her on a date and during the date his boss called and asked him where he was. Apparently he was suppose to be at work, but forgot. He told his boss that he was on a date with the girl he was set up with. I laughed when they told me. Now here they are typing the knot next month! I am super excited for their wedding and it will be perfect! These two are meant for each other and I am really happy for them. If you don't believe, see for yourself! These pictures totally express their love for one another.