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Dalton & Erin // Utah Engagement Photographer

Dalton and Erin have to be one of the most perfect couple I have photographed and I am REALLY looking forward to their winter wedding. Erin is so full of energy and joy. I mean this girl just keeps smiling and laughing. 

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Tucker & Savannah // Utah Engagement Photographer

One of my favorite things to capture is a couple who’s in love. Tucker & Savannah fit that model perfectly! They really are so sweet around one another and you can tell they have a lot of fun together. Tucker is excellent at making Savannah laugh, it’s really adorable. 

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Jesse & Melissa // Utah Engagement Photographer

These two aren't they cute? I seriously am loving Melissa's hair, it's gorgeous! For someone like me who has stick straight hair, I have a little hair envy. ;) It's gorgeous! Jesse and Melissa are getting married in June in the Payson Temple, which is currently under construction. It's a gorgeous temple and their wedding will be beautiful. I am super excited for them!!

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