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Dalton & Erin // Utah Engagement Photographer

Dalton and Erin have to be one of the most perfect couple I have photographed and I am REALLY looking forward to their winter wedding. Erin is so full of energy and joy. I mean this girl just keeps smiling and laughing. 

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Tucker & Savannah // Utah Engagement Photographer

One of my favorite things to capture is a couple who’s in love. Tucker & Savannah fit that model perfectly! They really are so sweet around one another and you can tell they have a lot of fun together. Tucker is excellent at making Savannah laugh, it’s really adorable. 

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Brett & Sara // Utah Wedding Photographer

This engaged couple are seriously just fabulous. They really do complement each other very well. Both are nurses, which is so cool and their personalities are of ease and joy. Brett is a jokester, at first I didn’t know if he was being serious or joking because he is one of those people who tell really funny jokes, but they don’t have a smile on their face. It was easy to catch on that he was joking because Sara would laugh. And not just any laugh but this super cute adoring laugh. It was seriously so cute. They really love each other. 

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