Dalton & Erin // Utah Engagement Photographer

Dalton and Erin have to be one of the most perfect couple I have photographed and I am REALLY looking forward to their winter wedding. Erin is so full of energy and joy. I mean this girl just keeps smiling and laughing. I love photographing people who are easy to enjoy themselves. You can tell that Dalton brings her so much joy and laughter, I mean look at them in these images. Erin is super ticklish, while Dalton isn’t at all. Obviously this is to his advantage. They really are such a sweet couple.

One of my favorite things about this session was I would say to Dalton, “Dalton say something that will make Erin laugh”. With out him saying anything she suddenly starts laughing. I think that’s because she knows that Dalton is about to say or do something funny and that’s what he does. These two are seriously so cute! They’ve been doing the long distance relationship doing to different schools. Erin will be transferring schools so to be Dalton. Erin is majoring in some type of statistics and Dalton is working on a double major and will move onto working on his JD-MBA. Seriously both are super smart!

I am so excited for their winter wedding! It’s going to be a blast!