The Houston Family // Utah Family Photographer

Say hello to the Houston Family, who are super adorable! First off their outfit choices are perfect, they match perfectly. Second, they are very photogenic. When tiffany and I were making plans for their session she kept on telling me how her family was not photogenic. As you can see from their images that is so not true! They are such a cute family filled with a great amount of love for each other.

I know the Houston family because they are my neighbors. My husband and I have taught their oldest son, Jonas, in our Sunday school class. He is seriously such a smart kid! Steven and I are always saying how we want our son to be as smart as Jonas. He is an excellent reader that can comprehend what he is reading. I am always impressed when we read a scripture and he completely understands what is going. Seriously such a smart kid! And Eva is equally smart. She impresses me! I hope that I can be a teacher to our children. I think there’s read power in a mother, and I know that Tiffany has worked with her kids.

Thank you Tiffany for letting me take your families portraits! It was so fun!