Rickard Family // Utah Lake

Alli and are are co-workers together and when I met her about a year ago, I thought she was just a really nice person. As a new employee, I was such a nub and didn't know ANYTHING! I was always asking her and another girl questions all the time. She would always response super nice and very helpful. She pretty much saved my job because of her willingness to help. Then when she went on maternity leave I realize AH one of my security blankets wont be there! That was a time where I really had to think more through things, but I knew that if I really did even have a question, she would answer it, even being on maternity leave. Guess what? I actually had to ask her a few questions.  I was really glad to see her come back after her long maternity leave. She is just awesome and very beautiful!

Alli's husband, Shane is a WAY into video and photography, so I felt a little pressure taking their pictures knowing he would probably be more particular than others. He really enjoyed video and has a sweet camera to match with it! 

Thank you Richard family for letting me taking your family pictures! It was just so beautiful on the lake, it totally looked like the ocean to me! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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