The Burke Family // American Fork Canyon

The Burke family is just adorable! It was such a great experience and a safe one at that. You probably are wondering, why did she just say safe? Funny story with that! Rebecca found me on google by typing in alpine loop photographer, which is so awesome! I am on google people!!! But anyway, so she contacted me and I was like YEAH! I would love to take pictures for you! As the weeks went on I starting thinking about their session and I realized I didn't really know them. I then found her on facebook and became friends with her and learned about it. Well I realized that she didn't use facebook very much, which meant I really couldn't get to know her. Then in my freak mind I began to wonder, what if this girl is fake and it's really someone who is going to set up a photo shoot, meet me there, beat me up, and take my equipment. I know a little irrational, and my husband thought the same. We also didn't have any common friends on FB so that added to my concern. Because I was nervous I asked my neighbor to come with me. She gladly came and it was so much fun to get to know her!

Anyway! back to the story, I met them and realized WOW these are some of THE NICEST people! Rebecca was seriously so kind and thoughtful and her husband, Matt, was equally so. It was so pleasant to talk with Rebecca, I felt as if we could be good friends or something. She is also GORGEOUS! Sometimes I get this high school flash back and think pretty people are mean, so I was also nervous there. Let me tell you, she is beautiful inside and out! Matt and Rebecca make a beautiful couple and their dog is ADORABLE! After taking their pictures I cam home and asked my husband if we could get a dog, he said no. Sigh! But hey at least I was able to play with Duke for a little, got my dog fix! :)

Thank you Rebecca for asking me to take these pictures for you! It was such a wonderful opportunity and it was seriously a pleasure to met you, your husband, and Duke!

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