Fernandez Family // Oakland Rose Gardens

I have a very special place in my heart for those cute little family! Katrina and I have been friends since college and we instantly became best friends! We were seriously such wild child's who always seem to have a good time. It was a blast when we were roommates. Some great college experiences came in our little apartment. And who would have thought these crazy college girls would eventually settle down! 

Katrina found an amazing man to marry, Adrian. He is seriously so perfect for this wild child women. He is patient and truly cares for Katrina and Benson. He is a great dad and Katrina is a great mother! They make an amazing team. Plus they are great at showing us the sites in Oakland. I had a wedding in Oakland and they happen to also live in Oakland. It was perfect. Since we'd never visited there (well we did once but that was when we were SUPER young). We were able to see the Golden Gate bridge and even the ghetto! That was probably the most intriguing part, the Ghetto. I thought I knew what the Ghetto was, but boy was I TOTALLY wrong. Thanks Adrian for showing us the fun sites!

This family is wonderful and I am so grateful for their friendship. I am even more grateful for the friendship I have with Katrina. She makes me not only want to be a better person, but I am more entertained with the idea of children. Katrina is a WONDERFUL mother and she makes being a mom so much fun. It helps that she speaks to positively of motherhood and the joys behind it. I sometimes struggle with the idea of having children, for free I will hate it. But Katrina provides me with hope and a vision that I too might like being a mother one day. Thanks for letting me see through your eyes of motherhood Katrina.

Anyway, I love this family and I LOVE these pictures! They are cute and I hope you enjoy them as but I as enjoy them!

She loves him!

I LOVE this little boys chunky smile! He is the sweetest thing! 

As I am looking through these pictures I am really missing this family! I need to shoot another wedding in Oakland so I can see them! We miss you friends!!!

Love his side profile with his adorable messenger boy hat! SO CUTE!

Kisses for mommy!!