Strobel Family // Utah Family Photographer

Another cute family photo on the blog and another family I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Lara was one of my roommates back in college. We were roommates the same time that Katrina and I were roommates. We seriously had so many good memories together, I am so thankful for their friendship! Mike and Lara met the same time that us three were roommates. Lara gave Mike a huge run for his money. Most of the time if Mike wanted to hang out with Lara, Katrina and I would some how sneak ourselves in. But Mike never complained he just went with it and was such a great friend to all of us! Before we met Mike we loved Idaho, but only for the purpose of school but never to actually live there. Mike showed us some awesome things that were happening in Idaho. It was seriously a blast! It was by far one of my favorite summers in Idaho. Heck all my summers were the best! Love that time of life!

Anyway, Mike eventually was able to get some time with Lara with out Katrina and I. I can't remember now how that all happened. Now they are so happily married with a beautiful daughter, Claire. You can tell that Mike absolutely adores these two ladies. He is an excellent father and an even better husband. So thankful Lara found someone as awesome and supportive as Mike. Lara truly has been such an example to me of faith and relying on the Lord. I could not think of a better match for these two! Plus they make ADORABLE babies!

Also, on a side note, but also still kind of on topic. I remember back in our college days Mike would always find some reason to bring up the gospel and he would pull open the scriptures. Often times it would lead us to be amazed because we not only learned sometime new, but we wanted to be a better people. Another example of how these two are so perfect together! Two people who love the lord! That there is the means of a VERY successful marriage! Thanks for always being an amazing example you two!!

See!! Isn't she so adorable!!!

Look at their love! It's is seriously so beautiful! Mike adores Lara and Lara is so in love with Mike. Perfect pair!

I love her little cheesy smile right here!