Burke Family // Tibble Fork // Utah Maternity Photographer

I had taken the Burke's picture about a year and a half ago with their sweet dog! Then Rebecca contacted me and told me she was pregnant and wanted to take some maternity pictures! I was so excited for several reasons.

1. I would be able to see this cute family again (especially duke, their dog)

2. They were having their first baby

3. I was able to photograph them!

It was so fun to catch up and see where they were at in their life. I had learned after we had taken their picture Rebecca went into labor!! She ended up going straight to the hospital and had the baby the following day. It couldn't have been a more perfect time to take pictures before cute Coleman came.

Rebecca looks amazing! She seriously is so beautiful and to add a cute little baby bump, she seriously rocked it. These images are beautiful because of how she radiates and Matt was seriously so happy to be a dad. These two were excited and I am sure they are constantly kissing and hugging their sweet boy. 

Thank you Rebecca for contacting me and asking me to take these pictures! You are beautiful and such a wonderful person. Good luck with your new bundle of joy!