Austin + Alyssa PART 1 // Redwood Forest, CA

I LOVE the Oakland, CA Temple! It is seriously gorgeous and it was an amazing opportunity to photograph there, I am deeply blessed. First, I want to start off and say that this is part one of two blog posts that I will have for Austin & Alyssa. The next blog post will come tomorrow! Be sure to stay tuned for that. (To see the second post click the link).

Second, thank you so much Austin and Alyssa for asking me to not only take your pictures, but letting me be apart of your day! Your wedding is by far one of my favorite weddings I have ever captured. I believe it's mostly because of two things: 

1. Austin & Alyssa have such a beautiful love together, I mean LOOK at these pictures. They are gorgeous and perfect together!! 

2. Which is more for me, because Alyssa genuinely wanted me to be her photographer because she absolutely loves/loved (hopefully still does ;)) my work. As artists, it is wonderful to be recognized for the art that we produce, especially when we work so hard on it. I have been working daily on the images and seriously goo goo eyeing them! 

Austin and Alyssa have a super cute story about how they met, and it's beautiful! She wrote an awesome blog post about it. I will tell you some of it, then you can go to her blog and read more. Alyssa writes "I was on my 7 week break from BYU-Idaho. I had every intention of spending that month-and-a-half being a bum... staying in my pajamas all day, saving money by not doing my hair or make-up... and I was doing pretty well! Then I got talked into going to a church dance- a Mormon rave to be exact. I hesitantly went, not thinking much about it. A group of us all met up at the McDonald's in Fremont. But right away, as soon as I saw him, I was instantly intrigued. Who the heck was this tall boy with tattoos? 

Doesn't it already sound like this could be an awesome movie? Check out the blog she wrote! SUPER CUTE!

My favorite part about their bridal session was they had a first look!! EK! When we were driving Alyssa to the location, she was super nervous. She didn't want him to feel pressure on how to act but mostly, she was just worried as to whether he would think she was beautiful. As you can see from the images, pretty sure his thoughts were only the fondest of Alyssa. I mean come on, SHE IS GORGEOUS!!! Well Check it out!

Do you see him! And she was nervous!! haha When I looked back at my camera, during the session, I knew that hit the money! It's adorable!

And then realized he needed to keep his cool ;)

I wanted them to have a moment together, so I made them walk down the path together for a minute. Told them to smooch and come back. It was super cute!

I am dying over these picture still as they are uploading to the blog! Alyssa I hope you know that you are gorgeous and if not, believe it!

The green is so vibrant in the Redwood forest park in oakland! Way to pick an amazing location Alyssa!


And I LOVE her boots! What a super cute idea!! (I actually got a SUPER cute ring shot with her boots. It's in tomorrow's post! Stay tune for that!

This is actually one of my favorites from the evening portion of the bridal session. I LOVE how blue the California sky is and how they are silhouetted. What do you think, do you like?

There was this awesome entry way at the Oakland LDS temple and I was seriously awesome! This entry actually took you up to the balcony, which was full of flowers! (more pictures of the balcony will be shown in part 2's post!)

I LOVE Alyssa's dress in this one. She looked beautiful in it and it fit her perfectly!

I love this picture! I love how Austin is really good at making Alyssa laugh or smile, oh so cute!!


Who would like a little SNEAK PEEK of what will come up tomorrow?? Here is a little taste. Tomorrow will feature the wedding day including the amazing reception! PLUS if you attended their wedding/reception, you might even see yourself in a few images!! Until then, see you tomorrow!