Austin & Alyssa // PART 2 // Destination Wedding Photographer

Welcome to part 2, I hope you enjoyed part 1! I know I did! Last night I could NOT sleep for excitement to post this beauties! Seriously, their day was beautiful. Upon my arrival, a few days before their wedding, I was getting a grand tour of the area. My friends husband asked me if Oakland was everything I had expected it to be (this was before seeing the temple mind you). I told him, well I expected more palm trees and fluffy clouds. He laughed at me because around the Oakland area there aren't many palm tree, if at all and it was just clear blue skies. That ALL changed on their wedding day. The temple had BOTH THOSE THINGS!!! Fluffy clouds and palm trees! I was seriously photographer IN HEAVEN!!! I could not have asked for a more perfect day! It was wonderful!

Both Austin and Alyssa's family were able to come to the wedding. I have never seen a more happier bunch. Sometimes I will hear people complain about the weather or the time of day or whatever really. I didn't hear one negative peep. You want to know why? Because this weather was perfect and their families were so happy to see them! There was so much love that day, I just get goose bumps just thinking about it!

Austin & Alyssa, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your day! It was beautiful and perfect! Welcome to eternity!

These two were SOOO stinking cute and happy when they came out! I think the rest of the family members were as well!

I LOVE this picture and I am so happy that Alyssa had an even number of brides maids! I would recommend that for all my brides! 

This one is probably my favorite of these two because Austin has the largest smile!!!! They both are just so happy, ear to ear! 

Look at the smile! Austin, seriously you have a nice smile! 

Now for the reception! I LOVE LOVE the decor! It's all DIY. Alyssa and her sister put their heads together and came up with these beautiful decor!! You two are amazing!

I LOVE these little label holders. What an adorable idea!!!!

I am in LOVE with this cake!! Rochelle Usher did an amazing job!!! It's perfect!