Baby Charlie // Utah Newborn Photographer

Sweet Baby Charlie and her family were so fun to work with! First of all, Cassey has impeccable style. Not only was everyone looking perfect style wise, but some of the props she brought into the photos were adorable! For example, there is a photo of just Charlie with a green garland, peaches and lemons. How adorable and genius is that! I seriously was super excited when she told me she wanted to do something with fruit. I also love the garland with the flowers. Cassey got some fresh flowers for this shoot. I love flowers, they are so pretty and it added so much perfection.


I do have an embarrassing story to tell though. Pervious to this shoot I hadn’t actually met Cassey. In fact, that’s pretty common to most of my shoots. I know I know I’m going to get myself killed one day. I clearly have no fear, OR I’m a really good social media stalker, you decide. ;) Anyway, I totally went to the wrong house!!!! First off, let’s just talk about my feelings before knocking on the door. The curb appeal on this place was meh. Like my first thought was wow Cassey must have had a grandparent pass away and she inherited all their furniture. And I’m not talking about the cute vintage furniture that it’s right now. It’s just plain old cat lady ugly furniture. And now you’re probably wondering how did I know this. I totally was a creeper and looked inside the windows. I was relieved when I found out it wasn’t the correct house. Hallelujah people!! I eventually found the house and I was VERY pleased over it. I don’t know if it was because of the contrast I experience OR the fact that Cassey really does have amazing style. Nonetheless, I was so happy! So take a peek at these photos. I’d love for you to see how amazing it is. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!!!!