Lindon Roots // Utah Commercial Photographer

Lindon Roots is a favorite company to work with. They have the most AMAZING tables. They look so natural but also have a modern touch. I love everything that they have created. You NEED to take a look at their stuff. This was actually a funny story as to how I got this job. I took some photos of a social media influencer, Ashley Reeves. She need some extended family photos and I was so excited she had asked me to take them for her family. First off their photos were so pretty to me. It was a perfect fall day when I took them. But since then I became friends with Greg and Maren and they are Ashley’s in laws. Greg and Maren are the owners of Linden Roots. They are THE kindest people you will ever meet. Greg just finished is MBA at BYU and they are no longer in Utah, which is kind of sad. But they are rocking it in another State.

 With this session they had an interior designer design the pretty stuff on the table. I know I know it’s not called pretty stuff but the actually name of it, escapes me. Anyway, her name is Christina and that’s all I remember about her. I feel kind of bad BUT I’m proud of the fact that I remember her name, even if it is the same name as me. ;) But I do wish I could link her here so you can see he work. I loved the way that she designed the table tops. It makes the tables look even more amazing.

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