Baby Hudson // Utah Newborn Photographer

Another cute baby is hitting the blog today! My favorite part about this little boy is his lips! I mean look at them, they are adorable!!!! He was seriously the sweetest little thing. And to add to it, he didn’t even poo or pee on any of the props. I have to give that baby props for that. ;) He did wee on my carpet a little, but I am amazed at his self control. Baby Hudson you are handsome and he is so lucky to have Brian & Emily as parents. You can tell Emily adores her little guy and loves being his mother. I am sure those who've interacted with Emily and her new baby would agree. It's so cute seeing her!

Anyway, enjoy this cute little one! He will only be this size for a little while longer.

Below is a little behind the scene's photo that Baby Hudson's grandma took of me! It was soooooo sweet of her to do that. It was seriously so fun to hold this little guy, he was seriously perfect and so good! I loved every minute of it. I will say though, seeing this picture did give me anxiety. One day Steven and I are going to start having a family and as you can see, I am a pretty petite girl. It frightens me to even think that one day, a baby about that size will have to fit inside me. Sorry people for the details, but really the body is amazing! Emily you are such an amazing women!

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