The Bills Family // Utah Family Photographer

Do you know what my third favorite thing in the WHOLE world is? These little twin baby boys in the images below, which happen to be my nephews. I remember when I first met these little guys at the hospitals I instantly fell in love with them, which has continue to grow since. I seriously cannot believe how much love I have for such small things. My heart swells when I see them and I am around them.

Aubrey asked me to take some 9 month pictures of these cuties and I thought let's take some family pictures while we are at it!! It was a perfect idea, on a perfect day. Although there's snow on the ground, it was super warm. The temperature of the day was 60 degrees and the snow hadn't melted yet, therefore made it perfect! The outfits Aubrey picked out were perfect for the family. I seriously LOVE LOVE this family. Not just because they are family to us but because they have become some of our best friends! I am not sure what I would do with out them, family really hard the greatest blessings we could ever ask for. I am so grateful I married into such a wonderful family!

Well enjoy! <3