Colton & Rachel // Alpine Bridal Photographer

For those who know Colton & Rachel know that today they get married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple for time and all eternity! Rachel is the oldest of her sisters and therefore the first. It has been so fun working with her mom Monica because this process is completely new to them. I am pretty sure that they will be experts at wedding planning by the end of this. There are so many decisions to be made. After their wedding they will have a reception up in the traverse mountain lodge and it is seriously such a gorgeous location. I am looking forward to their reception and their temple wedding. Colton and Rachel are just darling together! The entire session Colton kept on saying so many nice things to Rachel like WOW and Dang. It was probably the cutest thing I kept hearing from a groom. Like seriously, the entire time he was telling Rachel how gorgeous she was, and lets face it, he had every right to say those things. Rachel is gorgeous!!!! I so enjoyed capture these two and can't to continue to do so today!